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B i o g r a p h y

Hello, world...
I am a songwriter, recording artist, sound engineer, and producer all
wrapped up into one middle-aged guy.
I am also a multi-instrumentalist, which is to say that I play all the
instruments on my songs.
Over the years I've been in several local acts in Southern Connecticut,
and even a few in Tennessee, where I lived for a few years.
I was born and raised in Connecticut, though, and that's where I reside
now with my beautiful wife and daughter.
I have only recently started writing and recording again because I'm still
young enough to do so without breaking anything.
I'm also old enough to remember the 80's, and that where I get a lot of
my influence and inspiration.  I was always a fan of the more progressive
side of the decade, citing my favorites as Genesis, Rush, Yes, and The
Police, to name a few. 
I know this website is new, and bereft of a lot of information, but this will
change over time.  Please check out my music, and feel free to drop me a line.
Every message will be answered...


Thanks! Message sent.

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