The Plague of the Allergies...

Good morning, folks! I was hoping to record the final vocals on my new song, "Self Made Nothing" last week, but my continuing Spring allergy predicament has my voice in a less-than-optimum condition. I love the works of the late Leonard Cohen, but I do not wish to sound like him!

I do, however, have some older music I'd love to share in the meantime. I will be re-releasing a song I recorded in 2015 called "Stepping Stone". It was originally recorded on a Tascam 2488, long before I started using Pro Tools, so the sound quality is a bit different than my latest work. I have used some new technology to try to enhance it as much as possible, but the Tascam's limitations are still present. I will be putting it up on Reverb Nation only, as I have no video for it.

And I forgot to say "Rabbit" this morning...shit.

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