On to the next one...

Thanks to everyone that took a few minutes to watch my new video for "Break From The World"! Over 100 hits since I first published it last Saturday night! Hey, it's nowhere near viral, but I'll take it!

I've been working the past week on a brand-spanking new song. A bit more progressive than what I've done thus far. I record rock music, mostly, but when my biggest musical influences include Rush, Genesis, and Yes there's bound to be an odd time signature or two thrown in there eventually. I know it will be done soon, I just can't estimate an exact date. It will be released on the usual media: YouTube, Reverb Nation, and Soundcloud.

I know I've said before that my 3-song EP disc will be available soon, but it's going to be a 5-song EP instead. My new song, "Self Made Nothing", will be included along with a trimmed-down radio edit because it clocks in at just about 6 minutes.

So, if you haven't done so, please subscribe to my YouTube, Reverb Nation, and Soundcloud pages. That way you will be updated as soon as things start rolling.

Thanks again to everyone for your support!

Brought to you by the letter "Q".

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