Release of "Revolve"

Earlier today I released my latest song, "Revolve" on YouTube and Soundcloud. So far, feedback has been really good. Thank you to all those who have taken the time to listen.

The subject matter of the song is quite grim...

A little back story:

I originally wrote the lyrics to "Revolve" on October 2, 2017 - a day after the events in Las Vegas. An obviously mentally unbalanced man shot and killed dozens of concert-goers from the lofty heights of his hotel room. Absolutely horrific images flashed across the screen on every news network for days following the massacre. There were tales of death, tragedy, fear, and finally heroism as stories emerged about the countless selfless acts of ordinary people springing into action to save lives and dragging the wounded out of the line of fire, all while putting their own lives in danger.

Originally the song had a completely different melody. It was slow and somber and yearning.

As time passed in the months following the shooting I had recorded a few piano and string parts, but the song just wasn't working. The somber thing just didn't fit my anger.

So...I deconstructed and reconstructed the entire thing, reworking the lyrics to fit the melody I came up with. The last tracks I put down were the vocals. I always record a guide vocal when recording the music, just to let me know where I am in the composition. But I always record the final vocals last.

I did that just two days before the shooting in Parkland, Florida.

The anger just became greater, at that point. I finished mixing it two days after.

Please understand that "Revolve" is NOT a political statement. I try to stay away from that, although I DO have my opinions. Nor is it a statement about gun control. It's about how complacent we've become with all this. The news networks refer to these events as "the latest shooting", as if we're expecting more.

I'm just tired of it. Tired of the pain so many have to go through.

But watching the rally in Fort Lauderdale earlier this afternoon, with all the students taking the podium and pouring their hearts out...that gives me hope that a Change will come soon.

As I said when I released the song today: I don't want to write another song like this again.

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